Are these the only choices you give your online radio listeners? Only giving your listeners two choices - ON or OFF - will always fail
because listeners will eventually hear something they don’t like.
When a listener hears content they don’t like, THEY LEAVE!
Better than Streaming. More than just Radio. Traditional radio can’t give your listeners any choices, simply because of the technology: you only have one tower and one signal. The Internet is all about listener choice and control, except traditional online radio is still stuck in that old fashioned, one-size-fits-all delivery model. When a listener streams your radio station today, is the only choice you are giving them “my way or the highway”?

 Social  Radio  takes what already makes local radio great, and delivers it to listeners online in a way that gives them more choice and control... while keeping your station Sound Exchange compliant and incresing revenue through targeted advertising and interactive ads with click-through capabilities.

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