Your customers, both listeners and advertisers, have shown they prefer more choice, control and personalization from their news and entertainment sources. Social Radio’s mission is to enhance and support the competitive edge your local radio station has over big online audio alternatives such as Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, YouTube, iTunes, etc… while supporting what established your radio station’s value to local listeners to begin with: Local talent, content curation and connection.

Social Radio gives you the tools to meet the evolving demands of today’s advertisers and listeners.

Our current featured station partner is B100 in South Bend, Indiana. A part of the Federated Media family of stations. Feel free to explore the channels to see some of the ways Social Radio is working to make B100 better at what they do best - provide listeners a source for great local content, news and entertainment along with the marketing products advertisers are looking for from a modern media company.

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