Social Radio Privacy Policy

Social Radio is a software application used by radio stations to delivery audio content to listeners over the Internet. This privacy policy covers the aspects of the software under the control of Social Radio LLC, who operate this software on behalf of radio stations. Individual radio stations may have additional or different privacy policy provisions that affect you. Please check the privacy policies of the radio station website where you listen to Social Radio

Data Collected

Social Radio collects optional personal information from listeners, including, but not limited to, your name, birthdate, and location. Social Radio also collects information regarding your listening activity and music preferences, as well as information about your computer hardware, browser, and operating system. If you connect to Social Radio from another system, such as Facebook, Social Radio may also collect any information that you authorize the other system to provide.

Use of Information

Social Radio uses the information you provide to tailor your listening choices. We use your music preferences to suggest and filter audio programming, use your listening history to enforce applicable performance license restrictions as required by law, and use your demographic data to select which advertisements you may hear. Your anonimized demographic information is used by Social Radio and our radio station customers for programming and measurement purposes. You may receive email alerts for system events you subscribe to (such as the release of new content) or if a comment you have left regarding content has received a reply. Your specific personal information is never shared with third parties without your express and per-use permission. (For example, if you interact with an advertisement or offer that requests personal information for communication with an advertiser, you will need to authorize the use of your data each time before it is shared with an advertiser.)


This privacy policy may be changed. Users are encouraged to check for updates. This policy was last updated on May 1, 2012.

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